Baldi’s Basics – Full Game Early Demo

Baldi’s Basics – Full Game Early Demo

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Ever since the Baldi’s Basics Kickstarter was successfully funded, I’ve been working on a full version of the game. This demo offers a small slice of a couple of new features that will be in the full game,  random events and and special structures. This demo only includes one level, but in it you’ll find some new structures, and you’ll also get to experience the new random events that activate every few minutes! The full game will include the new features shown in this demo, as well as randomly generated levels, field trip mini-games, multiple levels of increasing difficulty, and more. Not to mention lots of new characters and items!

This game is still in development!

Remember, this demo is for a game that is still in development, which means that it will likely show the signs of something that is still a work-in-progress. Not all planned features are in the game yet, even some that were in the original game haven’t been implemented yet, since I’ve been prioritizing other areas of development. So if you see something that seems unfinished, that’s because it is! When the full game releases there will be much more polish than what you see now.

This game is still a horror game!

If you’ve never heard of Baldi’s Basics before, it’s important to know that this is not actual edutainment, but it is, in fact, a tongue-in-cheek horror game. It’s family friendly, but still includes some things that could scare players. This demo is relatively light on horror-type content though, and the full game will have much more than what is seen here.


WASD – Move

Mouse – Turn

Shift – Run

Space – Look behind you

Tab – View map

Left click – Interact

Right click – Use items

Scroll wheel – Change items

Use the control mapper to change these controls to your liking!


Hold SHIFT when launching the game (Options on Mac) to access the settings. Here you can switch between full-screen and windowed, and select the resolution. Do not change the input settings however! Changing any inputs within the settings window may break the in-game controls.

In the game you can find more settings by clicking on the options option. Here you can change mouse sensitivity and volume, and re-map the controls to your liking.