Captain Smartbeard’s Scholarly Sea Adventure

Captain Smartbeard’s Scholarly Sea Adventure

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ISO IMAGE – File Size: 368.4M

ISO Image of the 2001 game “Captain Smartbeard’s Scholarly Sea Adventure”, if this violates copyright in anyway, then I’ll take it down.

Want to play “Captain Smartbeard’s Scholarly Sea Adventure” by Ohio Distinctive Software, Inc. (, a game which was released in 2001?* It can be downloaded here.

CAPTAIN.ISO was created with ImgBurn in 2019-11-17; its MD5 hash is A89822A0A84A31D78B386C7020E4909B, and timestamps of the files in it range from 1996 to 2001. Once you mount this ISO/disc image to a virtual drive run the file “SMTBEARD.EXE”. RunWithCompatibilityMode.png shows a screenshot of the title screen and indicates that you should run this (SMTBEARD.EXE) with Windows 98 / Windows ME compatibility mode in order for the game to run at all. SMTBEARD.EXE’s description is “Happy pirates Teaching Fun Stuuff”, and its file version is

s-l1600.jpg was downloaded from in 2019-11-17. This image is from an eBay listing of this CD being sold.

*Per timestamps on some of the files and – “Directory of New Releases” (HTML title element), “Directory of New Reviews January/February 2001” (title as seen on the webpage).