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Type-safe Redis client for Golang

Redis client for Golang

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API docs:


go-redis requires a Go version with Modules support and uses import versioning. So please make sure to initialize a Go module before installing go-redis:

shellgo get -u


goimport ""


“`gofunc ExampleNewClient() { client := redis.NewClient(&redis.Options{ Addr: “localhost:6379”, Password: “”, // no password set DB: 0, // use default DB })

pong, err := client.Ping().Result()fmt.Println(pong, err)// Output: PONG 


func ExampleClient() { err := client.Set(“key”, “value”, 0).Err() if err != nil { panic(err) }

val, err := client.Get("key").Result()if err != nil {    panic(err)}fmt.Println("key", val)val2, err := client.Get("key2").Result()if err == redis.Nil {    fmt.Println("key2 does not exist")} else if err != nil {    panic(err)} else {    fmt.Println("key2", val2)}// Output: key value// key2 does not exist



Please go through examples to get an idea how to use this package.

Look and feel

Some corner cases:

“`go// SET key value EX 10 NXset, err := client.SetNX(“key”, “value”, 10*time.Second).Result()

// SORT list LIMIT 0 2 ASCvals, err := client.Sort(“list”, redis.Sort{Offset: 0, Count: 2, Order: “ASC”}).Result()

// ZRANGEBYSCORE zset -inf +inf WITHSCORES LIMIT 0 2vals, err := client.ZRangeByScoreWithScores(“zset”, redis.ZRangeBy{ Min: “-inf”, Max: “+inf”, Offset: 0, Count: 2,}).Result()

// ZINTERSTORE out 2 zset1 zset2 WEIGHTS 2 3 AGGREGATE SUMvals, err := client.ZInterStore(“out”, redis.ZStore{Weights: []int64{2, 3}}, “zset1”, “zset2”).Result()

// EVAL “return {KEYS[1],ARGV[1]}” 1 “key” “hello”vals, err := client.Eval(“return {KEYS[1],ARGV[1]}”, []string{“key”}, “hello”).Result()

// custom commandres, err := client.Do(“set”, “key”, “value”).Result()“`

See also

To restore the repository download the bundle


and run:

 git clone go-redis-redis_-_2019-11-27_08-09-22.bundle 

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Upload date: 2019-11-27