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Automate running Lighthouse for every commit, viewing the changes, and preventing regressions

Lighthouse CI


Lighthouse CI is a set of commands that make continuously running, asserting, saving, and retrieving Lighthouse results as easy as possible.

Screenshot of the Lighthouse CI server diff UI

Quick Start


yamllanguage: node_jsnode_js: - 10 # use Node 10 LTS or laterbefore_install: - npm install -g @lhci/cli@0.3.xscript: - npm run build # build your site - lhci autorun # run lighthouse CIaddons: chrome: stable # make sure you have Chrome available

Related Projects

  • Lighthouse CI GitHub Action – Automatically run Lighthouse CI on every PR with GitHub Actions, no infrastructure required.

  • Learning Lighthouse CI – A minimal example repo that you can use as a template when starting from scratch, offers a beginner-friendly quickstart guide using create-react-app.

To restore the repository download the bundle


and run:

 git clone GoogleChrome-lighthouse-ci_-_2019-11-30_10-54-56.bundle 

Uploader: GoogleChrome
Upload date: 2019-11-30