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:dolphin: The missing terminal file manager for X.

nnn – type less, do more, wayyy faster

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navigate-as-you-type & du (click to see demo video)

## Introduction`nnn` is a full-featured terminal file manager. It’s tiny and nearly 0-config with an [incredible performance](`nnn` is also a du analyzer, a fuzzy app launcher, a batch renamer and a file picker. The [plugin repository]( has tons of plugins and documentation to extend the capabilities further. You can _plug_ new functionality _and play_ with a custom keybind instantly. There’s an independent [(neo)vim plugin]( runs smoothly on the Raspberry Pi, Termux [on Android](, Linux, macOS, BSD, Cygwin, WSL and works seamlessly with DEs and GUI utilities.Add to that an awesome [Wiki](!*Love smart and efficient utilities? Explore [my repositories]( Buy me a cup of coffee if they help you.*

Donate via PayPal!## Features- Modes – Light (default), detail – Disk usage analyzer (block/apparent) – File picker, (neo)vim plugin- Navigation – *Navigate-as-you-type* with dir auto-select – Contexts (_aka_ tabs/workspaces) with custom colors – Sessions, bookmarks; pin and visit a dir – Remote mounts (needs sshfs, rclone) – Familiar shortcuts (arrows, ~, -, @), quick reference – CD on quit (*easy* shell integration)- Sorting – Ordered pure numeric names by default (visit _/proc_) – Case-insensitive version (_aka_ natural) sort – By file name, modification/access time, size, extension- Search – Instant filtering with *search-as-you-type* – Regex and substring match – Subtree search to open or edit files (using plugin)- Mimes – Open with desktop opener or specify a custom app – Create, list, extract, mount (FUSE based) archives – Option to open all text files in EDITOR- Information – Detailed file information – Media information (using plugin)- Convenience – Run plugins and commands with custom keybinds – FreeDesktop compliant trash (needs trash-cli) – Cross-dir file/all/range selection – Batch renamer (feature-limited) for selection or dir – Copy (as), move (as), delete, archive, link selection – Create (with parents), rename, duplicate (anywhere) files and dirs – Spawn a shell, run apps, run commands, execute file – Hovered file set as `$nnn` at prompt and spawned shell – Lock terminal (needs a locker)- Privacy-aware (no unconfirmed user data collection)- Minimal deps, minimal config (with sensible defaults)- Widely available- Unicode support- Follows Linux kernel coding style- Highly optimized, static analysis integrated code## Quickstart1. Install the [utilities you may need]( based on your regular workflows.2. Configure [cd on quit]( Optionally open all text files in `$EDITOR` (fallback vi): `export NNN_USE_EDITOR=1`.4. For additional functionality [install plugins]( and the GUI app launcher [`nlaunch`]( Don’t memorize keys. Arrows, / and q suffice. Press ? for help on keyboard shortcuts anytime.2. To set `nnn` as the default file manager, follow these [instructions]( Installation#### Library dependenciesA curses library with wide char support (e.g. ncursesw), libreadline (`make O_NORL=1` to drop) and standard libc.#### Utility dependencies| Dependency | Installation | Operation || — | — | — || xdg-open (Linux), open(1) (macOS), cygstart (Cygwin) | base | desktop opener || file, coreutils (cp, mv, rm), xargs | base | file type, copy, move and remove || tar, (un)zip [atool/bsdtar for more formats] | base | create, list, extract tar, gzip, bzip2, zip || archivemount, fusermount(3) | optional | mount, unmount archives || sshfs, [rclone](, fusermount(3) | optional | mount, unmount remotes || trash-cli | optional | trash files (default action: rm) || vlock (Linux), bashlock (macOS), lock(1) (BSD) | optional | terminal locker (fallback: [cmatrix]( || advcpmv (Linux) ([integration]( | optional | copy, move progress || `$VISUAL` (else `$EDITOR`), `$PAGER`, `$SHELL` | optional | fallback vi, less, sh |#### From a package managerInstall `nnn` from your package manager. If the version available is dated try an alternative installation method.Packaging status (expand)

Packaging status

Unlisted distros:

● CentOS (yum --enablerepo=epel install nnn)
Milis Linux (mps kur nnn)
NuTyX (cards install nnn)
Source Mage (cast nnn)

Release packages

Packages for Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu are auto-generated with the latest stable release.

From source

Download the latest stable release or clone this repository (risky), install deps and compile. On Ubuntu 18.04:

$ sudo apt-get install pkg-config libncursesw5-dev libreadline-dev$ make$ sudo make strip install

PREFIX is supported, in case you want to install to a different location.

Visit the developer guides for compilation notes on the Pi, Cygwin and other compilation modes.

Shell completion

Completion scripts for Bash, Fish and Zsh are available. Refer to your shell’s manual for installation instructions.



There is no config file. Associated files are stored under ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}/nnn/.

nnn supports the following optional (set if you need) environment variables.

| Example export | Description || — | — || NNN_OPENER=mimeopen | custom file opener || NNN_BMS='d:~/Documents;D:~/Docs archive/' | key-bookmark pairs [max 10] || NNN_PLUG='o:fzopen;m:nmount;x:_chmod +x $nnn' | key-plugin (or cmd) pairs (:key to run) [max 15] || NNN_USE_EDITOR=1 | open text files in $VISUAL (else $EDITOR, fallback vi) || NNN_CONTEXT_COLORS='1234' | specify per context color [default: ‘4444’ (all blue)] || NNN_SSHFS_OPTS='sshfs -o reconnect,idmap=user' | specify SSHFS options || NNN_RCLONE_OPTS='rclone mount --read-only' | specify rclone options || NNN_IDLE_TIMEOUT=300 | idle seconds to lock terminal [default: disabled] || NNN_COPIER=copier | clipboard copier script [default: none] || NNN_TRASH=1 | trash files to the desktop Trash [default: delete] |

Cmdline options

“`usage: nnn [OPTIONS] [PATH]

The missing terminal file manager for X.

positional args: PATH start dir [default: .]

optional args: -a use access time -b key open bookmark key -c cli-only opener -d detail mode -e name load session by name -E use EDITOR for undetached edits -f run filter as cmd on prompt key -H show hidden files -i nav-as-you-type mode -K detect key collision -n version sort -o open files on Enter -p file selection file [stdout if ‘-‘] -r use advcpmv patched cp, mv -R disable rollover at edges -s string filters [default: regex] -S du mode -t disable dir auto-select -v show version -h show help“`

Keyboard and mouse

The list below is from the dev branch. Press ? in nnn to see the keybinds in your installed version.

NAVIGATION Up k Up PgUp ^U Scroll up Down j Down PgDn ^D Scroll down Left h Parent ~ ` @ - HOME, /, start, last Ret Right l Open . Toggle show hidden g ^A First entry G ^E Last entry b Pin current dir ^B Go to pinned dir (Sh)Tab Cycle context d Toggle detail view , ^/ Lead key N LeadN Context N / Filter/Lead Ins ^N Toggle nav-as-you-type Esc Exit prompt ^L F5 Redraw/clear prompt ? Help, conf ' Lead' First file Q ^Q Quit ^G QuitCD q Quit context FILES ^O Open with... n Create new/link D File details ^R F2 Rename/duplicate Space ^J/a Sel toggle/all r Batch rename m ^K Sel range, clear M List selection P Copy selection K Edit, flush sel V Move selection w Copy/move sel as X Del selection ^X Del entry f Create archive T Mount archive ^F Extract archive F List archive e Edit in EDITOR p Open in PAGER ORDER TOGGLES A Apparent du S du z Size E Extn t Time MISC ! ^] Shell ;K :K xK Execute plugin K C Execute entry R ^V Pick plugin U Manage session = Launch c Remote mount u Unmount ] ^P Prompt/run cmd L Lock


  1. Help & settings, file details and archive listing are shown in the $PAGER.
  2. To change shortcuts modify key bindings in nnn.h and compile.

| Mouse click | Function ||—| — || Left single on context number | Visit context || Left single on top row after context numbers | Visit parent || Left single/double on last 2 rows | Toggle nav-as-you-type || Left single | Select context or entry || Left double | Select context or open entry |

Lead key

The Lead/Leader key provides a powerful multi-functional navigation mechanism. It is case-sensitive and understands contexts, bookmarks and location shortcuts.

| Follower key | Function ||:—:| — || 1-4 | Go to/create selected context || key | Go to bookmarked location || ' | Go to first file in directory || ~ @ - | Visit HOME,/`, start, last visited dir || . | Toggle show hidden files |

When the filter is on, / works as an additional Lead key.


$ nnn -h$ man nnn

To lookup keyboard shortcuts at runtime, press ?.



nnn is actively developed. Visit the to the ToDo list to contribute or see the features in progress.

To restore the repository download the bundle


and run:

 git clone jarun-nnn_-_2019-12-03_09-15-25.bundle 

Uploader: jarun
Upload date: 2019-12-03