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OpenTitan: Open source silicon root of trust


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About the project

OpenTitan is an open source silicon Root of Trust(RoT) project. OpenTitan will make the silicon RoT design and implementationmore transparent, trustworthy, and secure for enterprises, platform providers,and chip manufacturers. OpenTitan is administered by lowRISCCIC as a collaborative project to produce highquality, open IP for instantiation as a full-featured product. See the theOpenTitan site and OpenTitandocs for more information about the project.

About this repository

This repository contains hardware, software and utilities written as part of theOpenTitan project. It is structured as monolithic repository, or “monorepo”,where all components live in one repository. It exists to enable collaborationacross partners participating in the OpenTitan project.


The project contains comprehensive documentation of all IPs and tools. You caneither access it online or build itlocally by following the steps below.

  1. Ensure that you have the required Python modules installed (to be executedin the repository root):

command$ sudo apt install python3 python3-pip$ pip3 install --user -r python-requirements.txt

  1. Execute the build script:

command$ ./util/ --preview

This compiles the documentation into ./build/docs and starts a localserver, which allows you to access the documentation athttp://

How to contribute

Have a look at CONTRIBUTING for guidelines on how tocontribute code to this repository.


Unless otherwise noted, everything in this repository is covered by the ApacheLicense, Version 2.0 (seeLICENSE for full text).

To restore the repository download the bundle


and run:

 git clone lowRISC-opentitan_-_2019-11-09_01-56-59.bundle 

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Upload date: 2019-11-09