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A curated list of awesome resources for funding open source projects and authors.

Awesome OSS Funding Awesome

A curated list of awesome resources for funding open source projects and authors.



  • Saasify – Provides monetized APIs on top of OSS projects.
  • CodeFund – Provides funding for makers via ethical ads.
  • Tidelift – Provides subscriptions connecting businesses with OSS devs.
  • FOSSA – Open source management for enterprise teams.
  • Gitcoin – Crowdfunding and freelance devs for your software projects.
  • Back Your Stack – Discover your dependencies and financially support them.


  • GitHub Sponsors – Recurring donations for GitHub developers and organizations.
  • Patreon – Membership and recurring donations for independent creators.
  • Open Collective – Open communities with full financial transparency.
  • Buy me a coffee – Donations and relationship building for independent creators.
  • Salt – Crowdfunding to help devs earn a monthly salary from OSS.
  • Libera – Recurring donations for OSS projects.
  • Flattr – Monthly subscription for donating to OSS projects.
  • thanks – Give thanks to the open source maintainers you depend on.


  • Issuehunt – Issue-based crowd sourcing/funding for OSS projects.
  • Bountysource – Bounty-based funding for OSS projects.


  • License Zero – For-profit licenses for OSS projects.
  • xs:code – Paid subscriptions for OSS projects.



  • Sustain OSS – Organization focused on making OSS more sustainable.
  • COSS Media – Resources to help Commercial OSS (COSS) founders build lasting companies.
  • Open Core Summit – Focused on connecting the world’s Commercial OSS (COSS) companies.


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