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Realtek RTL8821CE Driver


This repository hosts the code for the ArchLinux AUR Package. It’s targetting Linux > 4.14 and is being developed for ArchLinux and Ubuntu 18.10. No support will be provided for other Linux distributions or Linux Kernel versions outside of that range.


The maintainers of this repository are not Realtek employees and are maintaining this repository for their own usage. Further feature development (such as proper power saving, etc.) will not be pursued here, but will be gladly integrated if newer driver sources are provided by Realtek. Use at your own risk.


This driver can be installed using DKMS. This is a system which will automatically recompile and install a kernel module when a new kernel gets installed or updated. To make use of DKMS, install the dkms package.

Installation of Driver

Make sure you have a proper build environment and dkms installed.

Ubuntu & Debian

sudo apt install bc module-assistant build-essential dkmssudo m-a prepare

Arch Linux

Generally speaking, Arch Linux already comes with a compiler toolchain installed. If you have a weird installation, just make sure you have the base-devel package group installed before you proceed.

Installing from AUR

yaourt -Sy aur/rtl8821ce-dkms-gitAnd that’s it.

Depencies for manual installation on Arch Linux

sudo pacman -Syu linux-headers dkmsIf you are running a non-vanilla kernel then install the headers to match the kernel package. Proceed to the section below.

Manual installation of driver

In order to install the driver open a terminal in the directory with the source code and execute the following command:sudo ./

Removal of Driver

Open a terminal window and git clone the repository to your local disk

git clone rtl8821ce

Then run the installation script:sudo ./

Reporting issues

When reporting issues, please make sure that debugging is enabled. To enable debugging either set MAKEFLAGS="CONFIG_RTW_DEBUG = y" before compilation or edit Makefile:CONFIG_RTW_DEBUG = yThis will enable verbose debug logging, helpful to developers.

Possible issues

PCIe Activate State Power Management

Your distribution may come with PCIe Active State Power Management enabled by default. That may conflict with this driver. To disable:

sudo $EDITOR /etc/default/grubAdd pci=noaer at the end of GRUBCMDLINELINUX_DEFAULT. Line should look like this:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pci=noaer"

Then update your GRUB configuration:sudo update-grub


Lenovo Yoga laptops

Some new Yoga laptops (like the Yoga 530) come with rtl8821ce as the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip. But the ideapad-laptop module, which may come included in your distribution, may conflict with this driver. To disable:

sudo modprobe -r ideapad_laptop

BlueTooth is not working

This may be due to the Kernel loading up the wrong firmware file for this card. Please take a look at @wahsot‘s tutorial at to see if that helps you out.

To restore the repository download the bundle


and run:

 git clone tomaspinho-rtl8821ce_-_2019-11-29_10-30-33.bundle 

Uploader: tomaspinho
Upload date: 2019-11-29