KeePass DX

KeePass DX

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Multi-format KeePass password manager, the application allows to
save and use passwords, keys and digital identities in a secure way by
integrating the Android design standards.

Features :
– Create database files / entries and groups
– Support for .kdb and .kdbx files (version 1 to 4) with AES – Twofish – ChaCha20 – Argon2 algorithm
– Compatible with the majority of alternative programs (KeePass, KeePassX, KeePass XC…)
– Allows fast copy of fields and opening of URI / URL
– Biometric recognition for fast unlocking (Fingerprint / Face unlock / …)
– One-Time Password management (HOTP / TOTP) for Two-factor authentication (2FA)
– Material design with themes
– AutoFill and Integration
– Field filling keyboard
– Precise management of settings
– Code written in native language (Kotlin / Java / JNI / C)

Keepass DX is opensource and ad-free.

You can donate or buy the pro version
for a better service and a quick development of your features.

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