Microsoft Encarta 97 World Atlas German

Microsoft Encarta 97 World Atlas German

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The most comprehensive world atlas ever created.

Discover 1.2 million places.
This is the most detailed world atlas available anywhere! Zoom in to close range or soar high above the earth.

Travel the globe as a modern-day explorer.
See the world as never before with the remarkable 3-D maps and multimedia features of Encarta World Atlas. Bring geography to life with more than 3,000 vibrant images, 350 world music selections, and 2,800 foreign language pronunciations! Find out more about cultures, customs- even animals- of different regions in articles that total more than two million words. All this in a new, easy-to-use interface.

Stay current online.
Learn more about our ever-changing world through more than 7,000 links to World Wide Web sites about cities and places.

Experience others’ daily lives.
Spend a day with 30 families around the world with Family Portraits- an in-depth multimedia journal.

Feature highlights:

  • 360 degree Panoramic View: Experience the thrill of being there with amazing 360 degree panoramic views of nearly every continent.
  • Street Maps: Stroll down Fleet Street in London- just one of 50 detailed street maps of the world’s greatest cities.
  • More than a dozen map styles: Gain a new perspective with your choice of many thematic maps that include satellite views, ecological regions, and population density.
  • Online Reports: Obtain the latest global statistics and up-to-date information with a single click of the WebLinks button.
  • Educational Multimedia Glossary: Learn the definition of “continental shelf” or explore the interior of a volcano- over 800 entries in all.

This is Encarta World Atlas 97 in German