Simtex Master of Magic

Simtex Master of Magic

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Master of Magic is a fantasy turn-based strategy game created by Simtex and published by MicroProse in 1994 for MS-DOS.

In this turn-based 4X strategy game, that some defined the
fantasy version of Civilization, players assume the character of a
wizard, exploring the world, vanquishing monsters to obtain treasure,
researching spells and creating armies in order to defeat enemy wizards.

When the game was first released, it was full of bugs and
featured a poor AI that left many reviewers frustrated. However, after a
number of patches the game is now lauded as one of the top games of all
time, and despite several similar games being released (most notably
Age of Wonders), Master of Magic continues to be one of
the best fantasy strategy games to date. In 2000 GameSpy added the game
to their Hall of Fame, and the game remains so popular that fans
continue to create unofficial patches, even after official game support
was discontinued.

With randomly generated maps, character customization, and a
seemingly endless range of creatures to summon and spells to cast, every
time you play this game it feels like a brand new adventure.

This is 1.3.1, a patch released in 1995 including all the bug fixes and improvements.