Two Thrones 1.1 mod for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms

Two Thrones 1.1 mod for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms

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Two Thrones is a submod for The Hundred Years War – La Guerre de Cent
Ans which enhances the experience, is more stable, adds a better AI and
comes with several mini-mods.

This submod takes place during the Hundred Years War which lasted 116
years. During this war, two dynasties, the PlantagenĂȘt and the Valois
will fight against each other for the throne of France.
The submod starts in 1337 and ends in 1453. This is a 2 turn per year campaign which means a total of 232 turns.

The main base of this submod is the HYW 0.9 version. The campaign map
has been enhanced with many new cities added in France and for other
factions. We have tried to introduce an historical demography based on
documents of this period. We have managed to balance the finances of
France and England to make the fight pretty much even. There is also a
realistic management of fleets, fleets are more expensive to recruit and
to maintain. At this period, the main purpose of fleets was to ship
armies, not to fight. So you’ll have to prepare a fleet if you want to
land your army somewhere, then once it’s done, you’ll have to disband it
to avoid wasting money. Graphically, the mod will look more nice, we
have added mini-mods to have better skies and grass.
  • Reworked map with 20 new cities and castles added ( Mont Saint Michel, Strasbourg, Gand, Mont de Marsan, etc…)
  • Re-balanced factions (France and England) : finance, population, etc..
  • Better graphics : new skies, new grass, permanent arrows.
  • New menu, new loading screens.
  • Historical demography (scale circa 1/200) for France and England based on historical documentation like census of this period.
  • Realistic fleets management (very high training and upkeep cost)
  • Powerful cavalry charges
  • Arrows make more damages
  • Many bugs fixed which means this version is very stable, no crash should happen
  • Credits :

    =NF= Vasileios_the2nd : The creator of the outstanding HYW mod.

    AmĂ ndil : For his knowledge of mapping.